1 March 2022

Dear Magic Community,

We wish to thank everyone who participated in Australia's online magic convention conducted last Sunday 27 February 2022.

We have been overwhelmed with the support from everyone from the lecturers, dealers and most importantly the participants that have come in the event and we hope we provided a fun event. During this event, we have tried many new ideas which included a fast pace environment with many activities going around you but also a quick link program so you can be sent immediately to our dealers or lecturers specials or events.

I wish to thank the 5 lecturers who made this event amazing: HÅKAN BERG, SUZANNE THE MAGICIAN, JAY SCOTT BERRY, SIMON FISHER-BECKER and SHAWN FARQUHAR. Please feel free to click on their image and it will send you to their website.

We wish to thank the dealers who took the chance on this event and wish to personally thank each one who made themselves available during the event and the feedback from participants so far confirm that your companies made it even more special.

Below are the companies and please feel free to check them out:

We wish to thank our event sponsors: The No Name Trivia Show, Highland Titles and StageCenta:

We wish to thank everyone that attended and supported the event and wish to announce we raised $300 for the Humanitarian Clowns.


Many thanks

Jeffery Clark