Modern-day Merlin and Renaissance Man, Jay Scott Berry is a multi-talented and world renowned Creator, Performer and Producer.

At 19, he was the youngest magician to ever perform The Magic Castle and has since presented over 1000 shows in their 4 main theatres. 40 years as a working professional


Best known as Grandmaster Magician, he is revered as The Virtuoso of Magic. From Close-up to Stage, his Visual Wizardry and Sleight-of-hand Artistry are often called, "The closest thing to real magic you will ever see!"


He has toured the globe, performing close-up to stage, from corporate to cabaret, headlining every major magic convention from 4F to FISM. He emcee'd the 2012 International Gala at the Blackpool Convention for a record crowd of over 3500. He has also produced 13 Magic Festivals across the US and UK, which have attracted up to 10,000 spectators in a single weekend.


A prolific Writer and Inspirational Speaker, Jay's thought-provoking poems and timeless wisdom continue to inspire millions. Whether written for TV, stage, social media or books, his insightful words offer a glimpse into the heart of a true Artist and Showman.